Okkulten TTRPG


Okkutten. The very name rouses the question:
“What the hell are you talking about?”

They haven't arrived, they've been here for thousands of years, guiding mankind both as benevolent and malevolent influences. However, until recently, they’ve avoided contact with humans after the industrial age for fear of humans advancing technology faster than their limited cognitive abilities would allow.

The Black Forest incident in 1936 was a trigger. The accounts vary, however tight lipped news services kept public knowledge to a minimum. Suffice to say a SS investigation collected several items and any remnants from the crash were removed and taken to Berlin.

The Nazi's began reverse engineering in earnest. This brought the attention of the Greys. After millennia of avoiding contact, their hand was now forced. The Greys are practical. They realize that the Nazi's would progress their technology drastically and left unchaperoned could do far more damage than good. Contact was unmade in late 1936. The Greys met with German High Command in the effort to stem the flood of technology and steer the Nazi is clear or at least delay their progress long enough for the rest of the world to stop them.

The Allies had some idea that contact was made by the Germans. In an effort to dig deeper they gathered specialists and assigned them to Project Okkutten. As it turns out the Greys were an ancient race that have been on Earth for millennia. Ancient artifacts such as the Ark of the Covenant, Charlemagne’s Spear and others are all ancient power sources, like batteries with immense energy. Utilizing the energy is the key that is lost on humans, who’s limited psychic energies are not developed enough to manipulate the power.

The development of the V rockets was just the beginning. The Allies are at a loss as to how the Germans have advanced so quickly.

Is there something more pushing the Greys to work with the Nazi's? There must be for them to break their doctrine of no communication and interference. Another theory is that this is an exile or rogue Grey that has decided to meddle in the affairs of humans. Are they alone? Did they bring a group of like-minded individuals who are embedded into this awful regime?

Certainly, these Greys know how the artifacts work. Are they on Earth looking to reclaim them for their own nefarious schemes? Humans have lost, hid, or buried these items over the years.

So, Himmler's excessive hunt for these artifacts is really being orchestrated by Greys who are looking to reclaim the power invested in these objects. The Grey rogues have offered their technological assistance in return for the local resources of the Reich to hunt down and acquire these items. It is up to the characters to prevent this and uncover their plans while maintaining a discreet veil over their operations to prevent the public from seeing what is really going on and causing mass panic.


Players take the roles of specialists working for the Allies to thwart the plans of the 3rd Reich.


This trational tabletop roleplaying game is looking to KickStart Q4 2021

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Bitchslap - Digital Diva Death Duel


Utilizing the innovative "Bitchslap" card system, Digital Diva Death Duel is the initial offering.


Ever wanted to throw robotic pop divas into an area and watch them fight to the death? Well we did and now after ten years of nefarious planning it is coming soon to a table near you. Take the role of a robot pop diva, strap on weapons and armor to blast your opponents and take the number one spot on the chart!

The game initially has 6 of today's hottest pop culture divas and over 100 damage, weapon and armor cards. Plan your moves and take down opponents before they power up and take you to the recycle heap. Easy to play with thousands of possibilities, this game retains a strong replay value and is recommended for ages 12 and up.

The initial offering will be made through Kickstarter in 2021. Tell your friends and have them like us here at Facebook for the latest information!!